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The Privacy-First Initiative is our first step to defend the rights of the vulnerable. The initiative strives to protect individual freedom in the face of emerging technologies. We emphasize digital privacy equity among children, women, and marginalized communities. Everyone deserves

Introducing the Privacy-First Initiative 

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Know Your Rights

Privacy Matters

Privacy in Business

Prong 1: Community

Prong 2: Technology

Community Needs

Privacy & Equity by Design 

Privacy-Centric Technology

Prong 2 - Technology

Understanding the Community Needs

Technology needs to be intentional and beneficial to the at-risk communities we seek to empower. Field research and community feedback is key to building impactful privacy tools.

Privacy and Equity By Design
Privacy and equity are the cornerstone of our initiatives. We prioritize ease-of-use, accessibility, and affordability at the start of everything we create.

Building Privacy-Centric Tech

Plunk aims to provide public domain (open source), audited, end-to-end encrypted, and zero-knowledge technology. We refuse to collect information about the people who use it.

Our Technology Programs

Prong 1: Community

Our Community Programs

Know Your Rights

Privacy is confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. The Plunk Foundation strives to provide community outreach so citizens know their privacy rights based on local and national laws.


Privacy Matters

The future of privacy hinges on our education. We focus on generating awareness of privacy with college students, and partnering with professors on all of our initiatives.

Privacy in Business

Corporate executives and nonprofit leaders are pillars of our community. We seek to integrate privacy which benefits their employees and the customers they serve.

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