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Plunk Foundation to Present to Journalists and Policy Makers

We're going to rely on journalists in today's turbulent climate.

And we must protect them!

Journalists are harmed by:

  • Government Regimes

  • Terrorist Organizations

  • Violent situations they report

Digital Privacy & Journalism:

  • Protects their whereabouts

  • Prevents sensitive information leaks

  • Provides a safe haven from oppressive regimes

As such, The Plunk Foundation will speak about privacy at the International Conference on Securitization and Information Policy (ICSIP).

Who is this conference for?

  • Journalists

  • Government leaders

  • Law enforcement leaders

  • Information Officers

  • Academics & Researchers


Hosted by Uchenna Ekwo,Ph.D. , Executive Director at the Center for Media & Peace Initiatives.


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